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Additional Information

ADL is currently south Australia’s fifth largest domestic and international airport and serves as an aviation gateway, processing about 8 million passengers each year. Adelaide airport limited has operated it privately since may 29, 1998, under a long term lease from the federal government.

Recognized for Excellence:

Founded in 1955, a new dual international/domestic terminal opened in 2005 and has won multiple honors, including being awarded the world’s second best international airport in 2006. It was rated Australia’s finest capital city airport in 2006, 2009, and 2011, and the best rural airport in the Pacific area by skytrax world airport awards in 2022 and 2024 and it ranked 7th in the world among the top 10 major global hubs, including heathrow, bangkok, and qatar’s hamad international airport. Jetstar plans to base two airbus A321LRs in adelaide in 2023.

Lucerne for Cool Runways:

ADL initiated a world first project to cool runways. They irrigated commercial crops with reclaimed water. After testing various crops, lucerne proved to be the most beneficial, decreasing the air temperature by 3 degrees Celsius on warm days. This hay producing crop is perfect for large scale planting, and the airport plans to expand the experiment to 200 hectares.

Airlines & Terminals:

I enjoyed the recent major renovations that attracting pasensgers, the airport now serves as the starting point for a variety of journeys.
Terminal T1, which opened in late 2005, gives the airport an overall sensation of being fresh, light, and spacious, and it is easy to navigate because it now holds all regional, domestic, and international flights. Essentially, it is a one stop shop for plane travel. After a few teething problems, it is currently running perfectly. The terminal was built to accommodate an ever increasing number of passengers (up to 6 million), which corresponds to 3000 people per hour and nearly 30 aircraft (including the Airbus A380) operating concurrently.

There are plenty of air conditioned aerobridges with glass walls, which are ideal for passenger comfort as well as offering a platform from which to enjoy some spectacular views. It has dedicated arrival and departure levels to ensure smooth passenger flow. It is also serves a varied choice of airlines, with connections to both domestic and international destinations.

Domestic airlines include qantas, jetstar, virgin Australia, and regional express. Looking to go further? Singapore airlines, qatar airways, malaysia airlines, and fiji airways are among the international alternatives available from adelaide, allowing you to expand your horizons.

Arrivals facilities:

The airport’s Terminal 1 makes your arrival experience easier. You will most likely take a passenger boarding bridge to enter the terminal on Level 2 after disembarking from your flight. You’ll go through immigration and customs (if applicable) before proceeding down to Level 0 to collect your bags from the designated domestic or international reclaim area. Wheelchairs and staff help are easily accessible upon request. Both levels provide important amenities like currency exchange, accessible restrooms, and family rooms to guarantee a seamless and comfortable arrival.

Recent restorations and enhancements have undoubtedly ensured that ADL’s facilities are modern and suited for all types of travelers. Toilets, nursing, and baby change rooms, and showers are all on par with, if not better than, those found elsewhere in Australia.

Duty-Free Ease:

ADL’s retail mall serves as one of Australia’s most modern airport retail areas, measuring 3400 square meters. It’s like being in a large sports arena!
One of the advantages is that 95% of stores are open to all arriving and departing domestic and regional customers, as well as departing international travelers. Prices are comparable to most duty free businesses, and the simplest option is to pre book your wish list. You buy it, and they keep it until you get off your foreign aircraft. Given the tight security measures in place at airports these days, confiscating the rare item isn’t such a bad idea.