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Facts About This Airport

It served by 30 scheduled airlines with flights to over 50 destinations in Australia, oceania, asia, africa, and europe. It handles 1258 scheduled domestic and regional flights each week. On the international front, 213 scheduled international flights arrive and depart from this airport every week. This airport (PER) provides a choice of departure options to make your travel easier. Here’s an overview of several significant services:

  • Airline Check In: Each airline has its check in counters. It’s advisable to check with your airline directly for exact check in times.
  • Self Service Check-In: Many airlines provide self service kiosks for checking in for flights, printing boarding cards, and checking baggage.

Security Screening:

The Australian government maintains safety protocols at Australian airports, including PER. As a security controlled airport, every passenger and visitor who passes through secure zones and their bags are screened for forbidden materials and dangerous commodities. Passing through a body scanner and having your personal things x rayed are both part of the security screening process. You may be forced to conduct an additional pat down search. This can be done in a private room upon your request.

Airport Lounges:

PER has various airport lounges where you may unwind before your journey. Access is often obtained through a business class ticket, lounge membership, or by paying the fee. Airlines operating out of perth that have lounges include qantas, emirates, singapore airlines, virgin australia, and air new zealand.

You can spend more time with friends and family by waiting for their flight at the domestic departure lounges. All airport visitors are invited to go through security screening to greet an arriving or departing domestic passenger in the domestic departure lounges, but they will be subject to standard security processes. Visitors are welcome to use all of the services offered in the public departure lounge, but they will not be able to proceed past the boarding gate.

Other services:

Pick up/drop off at perth airport require an attendant vehicle for no more than 2 minutes due to security concerns. Unattended automobiles face fines and towing & If you need to leave your car, use the free 1 hour parking available at long term parking lots or pre book your parking lot by visiting perth official website parking page.

Dining, shopping, security, & more!

A broad range of restaurants, cafes, and stores can be found throughout the terminals to suit your food and shopping demands. For an additional price, you can arrange for a meet and greet service to help you with curbside greeting, baggage handling, and navigating the departure procedure. Before your flight, convert your currencies and browse duty free shops.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is in operation at this airport as part of an ongoing aviation security project aimed at reducing crime and improving aviation security. CCTV considerably improves the capacity to monitor regions of the airport and respond to any criminal conduct instantly, thus boosting the safety of passengers, visitors, and employees.