The above HBA departure information table keeps you on track for a smooth exit, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic trip.

Extra But Useful Information About This Airport

Because of its southern position, skytraders performs regular flights to antarctica on behalf of the Australian antarctic division, flying an airbus A319. The airport has a combined international and domestic terminal. The major airlines that serve the airport are qantas, jetstar, rex airlines, and virgin Australia, which primarily fly domestically to melbourne, sydney, and brisbane, while air new zealand operates international flights to auckland, new zealand, twice to three times every week.

The airport is located on a narrow peninsula, which is why takeoffs and landings are always over bodies of water, regardless of approach or departure direction. The area immediately surrounding the airport is relatively unpopulated, allowing the airport to provide curfew free services. In the 2018-19 fiscal year, the airport had 2.6 million passenger movements, ranking tenth in Australia.

Departure at HBA:

Here’s an overview of the departure process at HBA to help you navigate your travel more easily:

  • Most airlines offer online check in 24 hours before your journey, which saves time at the airport because you can print your boarding card at home or download it on your mobile device.
  • Go to your airline’s authorized check in desks at least 1-2 hours before your flight (domestic) or three hours in advance (international) to make space for luggage check and security screenings.
  • Submit your checked baggage at the desk, confirming that it meets the size and weight requirements stated by your airline.
  • Proceed through security, where you must remove any liquids above 100 ml from your carry on bags, along with electronics and other things under security standards. According to Australian government laws, everyone, including passengers, pilots, and airport personnel, must pass through a security screening point at the airport’s domestic and international terminals before boarding an aircraft or entering secure parts of the terminals.
  • Once cleared, unwind in the departure lounge. You’ll discover stores, cafes, and restaurants to keep you busy until your flight is called.
  • Focus on the departure screens for boarding gate updates. When your flight is called, proceed to your chosen boarding gate and produce your boarding card for scanning.

If you have oversized baggage, it’s better to contact your airline and ask them about requirements before you travel. Once at the airport, ask the friendly staff at your airline’s information desk, and they’ll help you.

Travelodge Hotel Hobart Airport:

If you have an early flight, this hotel is right outside the airport. This four star property provides complimentary Wi-Fi, parking, room service, and wheelchair accessible amenities. The pleasant hotel attendants will even arrange for a shuttle van to pick you up from the airport and drop you off before your flight.