This small airport provides domestic flights connecting you to other parts of the country and southeast asia. While it predominantly serves regional destinations, its lengthy runway can accommodate some of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, including the Airbus A380. The table above provides thorough information about incoming planes. This resource includes up to date information on arrivals, ensuring that travelers are well informed about their flight status.

On May 27, 2011, it was revealed that ASP soon became the first large scale airplane boneyard outside the united states. Asia pacific aircraft storage Ltd. has been operating the site since June 2014 and picked this airport because of its dry, arid climate, which is ideal for aircraft storage and preservation. ASP has many conveniences, including ATMs and free baggage trolleys, and it is wheelchair accessible, with reserved parking. There are several dining options, a lost and found service, free wifi, and ground transportation alternatives, such as taxis and shuttle buses, which are easily accessible outside the terminal.