Kicking off from any location isn’t just a departure; it’s the launchpad to your next great adventure. Nestled in the heart of the outback, this little airstrip punches well above its weight, connecting the dots between the local bushland and the wide world beyond.

Keen for the scoop on your sky-high escape? Cast an eye over the schedule we’ve got laid out. Updated quicker than a kangaroo on the hop, it’s chockers with all you need to know about take-offs, including the nitty-gritty on times and gates.

Now, for a fair dinkum departure, here’s a handful of ridgy didge tips. Square away your ride from the airstrip ahead of time it’s a bit of a trek from the back of the world. Have a Captain Cook at the airport’s setup before you rock up, so you can breeze through to boarding without a bingle. And, should you find yourself in a pickle, the airport’s legends are always about to lend a hand or spin you the right yarn, making your goodbye to Ballera as smooth as a billabong at dawn.

By following this true blue advice, you’ll be all set for a bonzer send off from city ready to tackle whatever comes next with your swag packed full of memories. Just a bit of prep, and you’re on your way from this snug airstrip to the great yonder, easy as that!