This is the land, where your adventure begins! Above, you’ll find a detailed chart showcasing arrival times, flight numbers, and airlines, ensuring you’re fully informed the moment you step off the plane.

To make your arrival in the city as breezy as the coastal winds, here are a few tips.

First off, consider checking in online if your airline offers it. It’s a real time saver. Also, having a quick look at the airport’s layout before you arrive can help you navigate to the baggage claim and exit areas without any fuss. It’s always smart to travel light, making your move through the airport faster and more efficient. And of course, stay up to date with any flight changes to adjust your plans smoothly.

By following these simple suggestions, you’ll enjoy a smooth start to your time in the city. Whether you’re here to explore the southern great barrier reef or to indulge in the town’s famous rum, your journey is off to a great start the moment you arrive. Welcome, and enjoy your stay!