Heading out of CBI? You’re not just leaving a runway; you’re taking a bit of a chill island vibe into the buzz of everyday life. This cozy strip is where your adventure in tranquility bids farewell, preparing you for the leap ahead.

A quick tip is to have a squiz at the departure board to catch the details of your flight. It’s packed with information on take off times and gates.  Got your ride sorted? If not, better hop to it, so you’re not left in a flap. And if you find yourself up the creek without a paddle, the CBI team is a legend, always on hand to point you in the right direction or lend a hand.

Flying out of CBI is no ordinary goodbye, it’s a smooth transition from the laid back island beats to your next destination. With these pointers, you’re ready for a no fuss send off, carrying the essence of the island into your next adventure. Safe travels!