For comprehensive information on (ERQ) arrivals, please refer to the table above for specific flight details. This table provides essential information such as arrival times, gates, and origins, allowing passengers to plan their onward travel accordingly.

The arrivals board offers a comprehensive snapshot, detailing arrivals’ essential data: arrival time, date, IATA code, point of origin, flight number, airline, and current status.
To ensure a smooth transition, keep these tips in mind:

  • Have your ID and travel documents ready for a smooth check in upon arrival.
  • Head to baggage claim and grab your stuff pronto to avoid jams.
  • Be ready with your passport and declare anything you need for customs.
  • Once out, pick up your ride taxi, rental car, or shuttle for a quick trip to your destination. Consider booking ahead to skip the wait.

Additionally, ERQ offers several services and facilities to assist passengers with baggage claims, customs clearance, and other arrival procedures. By following these tips and utilizing airport resources effectively, passengers can navigate through arrivals smoothly and efficiently.