As the sun bathes the Kimberley in its warm glow, this airport (HTI) buzzes with activity as travelers prepare for their departing flights. Amidst the excitement, look up, mate, and you’ll spot a table displaying all the essential details of your flight, destination, airline, and the all important gate number. No need to strain your eyes, cobber.

As clear as the vast outback sky, this table ensures you’re well informed and ready for takeoff. Take advantage of online check-in before you even arrive at the airport, saving your time and hassle at the check-in counter. Remember to pack light, mate, for the memories you’ll make exploring stunning gorges and salt lakes are far more precious than excess baggage.

When passing through security, follow the rules like a clever dingo, ensure liquids are in ziplock bags, remove your laptop with finesse, and slip off your shoes effortlessly, just like a lizard shedding its skin. If you find yourself confused amidst the crowded terminal, The airport staff are friendly and eager to assist you on your journey.