MEL vibrates with the pulse of departures. As Australia’s second largest hub, it’s a launching pad for journeys near and far. International terminals throb with anticipation of far flung destinations, while domestic gates pulse with excitement for weekend getaways. Check the departure boards above to guarantee your tour begins smoothly, which holds all the required information about flights and departures at this airport.

This airport serves travelers around the clock. While cargo planes dominate the early hours of 2am to 4am, passenger flights operate 24/7, offering easy departures whenever your journey begins.

In 2016–17, around 25 million domestic and 10 million international travelers utilized the airport. The airport offers direct flights to 33 domestic and international destinations in the pacific, europe, asia, north america, and south america. It also serves as the primary arrival and departure point for four out of Australia’s seven capitals.

Navigating Melbourne Airport Departures

This airport handles both domestic and international travel, with four terminals conveniently placed within the same building. Understanding which terminal you need and how to check in is critical for a successful departure.

Melbourne Airport Terminals

MEL keeps everything organized with dedicated terminals. Terminal 1 is your one stop shop for budget friendly domestic and international flights. If you’re flying overseas with a major airline, go to the huge terminal 2. Domestic flights serviced by virgin Australia depart from terminal 3, while those operated by other carriers depart from terminal 4.

Check in process

Most airlines encourage checking in online at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure. This allows you to choose your seat, print your boarding cards, and even check in any baggage online.

Security Screening at Melbourne Airport

To get through airport’s security quickly, arrive early (especially during busy times) and pack liquids (over 100 ml, sharp objects, etc.) in your checked luggage. During the screening, separate belongings like electronics and jackets into the provided trays, inform security about medical devices and walk through the metal detector. If it beeps, you might need a pat down or additional checks.

Passenger Facilities, Parking & Public Transport

MEL features five parking lots each of which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The short term, multi level long term, business, and express parking lots are covered, however, long term parking is not. The major multi level parking in front of the terminal was created in the late 1990s to replace the pre existing ground level parking, and has been gradually enlarged since then.

The SkyBus provides express bus service from the airport to southern cross railway Station, and St Kilda. There are shuttle services available between the airport and the mornington peninsula, as well as metropolitan and regional public buses. It features dedicated rideshare pick up and drop off locations for all terminals. Taxi ranks are close to all terminals. The melbourne CBD is approximately 30 minutes away from this airport.

All of it’s terminals have travelators and lifts that connect the arrivals and departures levels, and there are accessible amenities and services across the airport, including within the terminals, car parks, and pick up/drop off zones. If you need a wheelchair in the terminals, most airlines may provide one upon request with advance notice. Please be aware that airport staff are unable to help travelers with transfers due to occupational health and safety laws.

Do not wait until you get home to indulge! MEL provides departing passengers with several duty free items and a great selection of dining alternatives. Whether you’re looking for last minute luxury purchases like whiskey, fragrances, or designer items, dedicated duty free shops are available at Terminal 2. For travelers looking for culinary delights, the airport has a variety of restaurants, cafes, and grab and go options. Check the arrivals for this airport too from here.